Giorgos Dalaras: Me to na podi st astra…  
(Universal Music Greece, 2007)

Vassilis plays the classical guitar in the song "Se fegaria lipimena"




Manolis Lidakis: Afstiros Laikon (Strictly Folk)
(Sony BMG Music - 2006)

Vassilis is on the guitars in all of the tracks


Christos Tsiamoulis: Dodekaorto
(Institute "San Maximos o Grekos", 2006)

Vassilis plays the classical guitar in the song "Jerusalem"


Nikos Xydakis - Elefteria Arvanitaki: Grigora i ora perase (The time passed quickly)
Universal Music - 2006)

Poetry: Sappho-Odysseas Elytis, Evripides-KX Myris,
Dionysis Kapsalis, Kostas Kariotakis

Orchestration: Vassilis Ketentzoglou
Conductor of the orchestra: Nikos Platyrachos
Producer: George Kyvelos

Vassilis apart from the orchestration has also played the guitars (Classical, electric fretless), in all of the tracks


Manolis Lidakis: Kokino Akrogiali (Sony BMG Music - 2006)

In all the tracks, Vassilis played the guitars (acoustic, classical, fretless and twelve string) and oversaw the performance of the band in collaboration with Thimios Papadopoulos.




Nikos Ksidakis: Imerologio Deftero (Mercury/Universal - 2005)

Vassilis participated in the following:

"Triantafillo sto stithos" by Manos Hadjidakis.
Vassilis plays the classical guitar.

"Tsakitzis", traditional song from Asia Minor.
Adaptation for classical guitar, performed by Vassilis.

"Kappadokia" by Vassilis Ketentzoglou
His own instrumental composition in 9/4.

"Instrumental" by Vassilis Ketentzoglou
Short instrumental piece for classical and classical fretless guitars, performed by Vassilis.

"To telefteo taksidi" by Nikos Ksidakis
Voice: Eleftheria Arvanitaki,
arrangement by Vassilis Ketentzoglou who played also the keyboards and the guitars


Village of the Unfretted double CD (2005 Unfretted Records, UK)

Vassilis takes part in the double album with the instrumental "Balcan Fire", the composition, arrangement, performance all the instruments, recording and mixing are his own work. To listen to a sample click here.

35 guitarists from 16 different countries playing fretless guitars participate in this album. The purpose of this double album is to make more known to the wolrd the fretless guitar.

IRO : Colors
(Virgin Records / MINOS-EMI, 2005)

Vassilis plays the classical guitar in the songs:

 "Tou xronou I fthora"

 "Ego tha sou ta po"

 "Maresi na gelas"


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