March 2003







On Saturday 15th of March 2003, a concert with songs and instrumental music of the composer Vassilis Ketentzoglou was launched by the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Rhodes at the National Theatre of Rhodes. In this concert 28 pieces were performed, 23 of them were songs in lyrics of Maria Charalabidi and the remaining 5 were instrumental. The orchestra composed of 8 members: M.Kalaentzis, E.Polimenof, L.Roditis, S.Stamatakis, G.Sotirchos, N.Chasapis, M.Bacali, V.Ketentzoglou and three singers Agapitos Pachos, Joanna Mela and Leonidas Sakellarides. This concert has raised excellent comments and has left the best impressions to the audience.


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