He participated in the presentation of M. Theodorakis’s and O. Elytis’s work “Worthy It Is” (Axion Esti) at the Municipal Theatre of Volos on 24 March 2008. The Symphonic Orchestra, the Folk Orchestra and the Polyphonic Chorus of Volos contributed with their participation as well. Director of the Orchestra: Simeon Cogan, Soloist: Giorgos Dalaras, Cantor: Vassilis Agrokostas and Narrator: Sotiris Chatzakis.

In February of the same year, he performs with Giorgos Dalaras’ 13-member orchestra in a performance dedicated to Rebetiko with the title «like an enchanted song», which was presented at the Megaron-Athens Music Hall (for nine appearances 11-21/2/08).

On the 15th and 16th of the same month he made appearances with Christos Tsiamoulis, Halil Karadouman, Sokratis Sinopoulos and Manousos Klapakis in Avlea, Athens.

In February he also made appearances with “erima choria” group and guest singers S. Papazoglou , Z. Karounis, M. Tzouganakis, A. Stratigou, A. Karakotas, M. Aslanidou, T. Mpourmas in Avlea, Athens.

In January 2008 he made appearances with Sofia Papazoglou, Dasho Kurti and Apostolis Vagelakis in Alavastro, Athens.



During the winter period of 2007-08, he participates with Giorgos Dalaras’ 14-member orchestra in the performance “All from the beginning”, which is presented at the Pallas theatre in Athens.

During the summer period of 2007, Vassilis made several appearances with Manolis Lidakis, Christos Tsiamoulis and Giorgos Dalaras (Festival of Patras, three concerts in Israel, a concert organized by UNESCO in Paris).

From April 2007 he begins collaborating with Giorgos Dalaras as the guitarist of his 10-member orchestra, accompanying him in the European Tour 2007 (11 great European cities). Melina Aslanidou and Michalis Tzouganakis were Giorgos Dalaras’ guest singers.

In January 2007 he becomes a member of the accordionist’s and composer’s Dasho Kurti group, making appearances in Athens and Thessalonica.



In November 2006, the singer Sofia Papazoglou, the accordionist Dasho Kurti and Vassilis have given birth to a small but dynamic musical group making appearances in Athens, Thessalonica and other cities.

In the same month, he had performed with an orchestra and the singer Fotini Darra in Tokyo within the context of the culture exchange project EU - Japan organized by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

“The time passed quickly “(Grigora i ora perase), the latest album of the composer Nikos Xydakis featuring the performer Elefteria Arvanitaki has been orchestrated by Vassilis. The album was released in October 2006 and has soon become gold. Many music critics had considered this as the best album for the year in Greece. Poetry: Sappho-Odysseas Elytis, Evripides-KX Myris, Dionysis Kapsalis, Kostas Kariotakis. Vassilis apart from the orchestration has also played the guitars in all of the tracks. The conductor of the strings in the orchestra was Nikos Platyrachos.

¨Laments of women-Sophocles’ heroines¨ Hellenic Festival Little Theater of Epidaurus 21, 22 July Music: Nikos Xydakis,Texts: Dionysis Kapsalis, Orchestration: Vassilis Ketentzoglou ,Conductor: Nikos Platyrachos.With the Kamerata - Orchestra of the Friends of Music and Dimitris Chountis-saxophone, Panos Dimitrakopoulos-kanonaki ,Vassilis Ketentzoglou-guitar, Kostas Tsioulakis-piano. With Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Olia Lazaridou, Aneza Papadopoulou, Lydia Fotopoulou. Four outstanding performers from the worlds of song and of the theatre perform laments by Tecmessa, Electra, Jocasta, Deianeira and Antigone. Translated extracts from Sophocles, verse monologues and lyric ‘prayers’ form a freeform musical synthesis. Set & Costumes design: Angelos Mentis, Coaching: Neni Zappa, Choreography: Marianna Kavallieratou, Lighting: Eleftheria Deko.

During the summer period Vassilis had made several appearances with Manolis Lidakis, Manolis Lidakis and Marios Fragoulis, Nikos Xydakis, Christos Tsiamoulis.




Since November 2005 Vassilis has also performed with Christos Tsiamoulis and his group (K. Gouvendas, S.Labropoulou, K.Meretakis) giving concerts in Athens. In two of their appearances, they were accompanied by the singer Sophia Papazoglou.

In September 2005 Vassilis takes part in the double album Village of the Unfretted (Unfretted Records, UK) with the instrumental "Balcan Fire", (composition, arrangement, performance, recording and mixing are his own work). 35 guitarists from 16 different countries playing fretless guitars participate in this album.

In the same month Vassilis began his collaboration with Nikos Xydakis, who included two of Vassilis’ compositions and two adaptations of a traditional song for classical guitar, in his new album “Imerologio Deftero”. Furthermore, Vassilis arranged one of Xydakis’ songs and has played the guitars in various tracks.

From June 2005 up to present, he works with Manolis Lidakis as the guitarist and the arranger/conductor of his band. The band has given many concerts all over Greece, including two concerts in the Athens Music Hall. Vassilis had performed as a guitarist in the recordings of Manolis Lidakis’ album " kokino akrogiali " where he was also responsible for the direction/arrangement of the band in collaboration with Thimios Papadopoulos. He later on participated in Lidaki’s latest album, ‘’ Afstiros Laekon ‘’, playing the guitars.




From October 2004 until August 2005 he performed with Yiannis Haroulis in many gigs and concerts all over the country.



From the summer of 2003 till the end of 2004, Vassilis performed as a guitarist with the group of the singer Calliope Vetta, and the composer Yiannis Ioannou, giving many concerts all over Greece.


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